Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I think we all need a nice dose of dub right now.

Day's getting kinda long for me right now, work till 5, so I've decided to start pumping the dub step to get me through. All this is relatively new (past 3 months) so enjoy.

Ima start it off with this real feel good track right here:

Then we got MiTis who from what I can tell he is a pretty unknown producer... Definitely good though:

In the Hood

Some nice dub to get you through the hump day. Can't wait till friday:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Not actually dubstep but close

Havent posted in a bit... oops.... for the dub step fans, this isn't filled with massive bass but its an extremely chill take on dub step. listen to the whole thing:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I was watching Weeds season 7 episode 11 and this song came on. Really like it. Weeds is an amzing source of really cool quirky and unheard of songs. Check it out:


Monday, September 19, 2011


Monday sucks. but heres a little electro house jam to get you through the LOOOOOOOOONGGGGG week. Keep your chin up.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Great song, Great video

So once again my boy Jamie shows me some very enjoyable Indie. This is Metronomy, straight from the UK. The song is great and the video is truly an essential part of the production. Highlights include: half babe, half popsicle; model licking the floor; and eraser head SLAPPIN' DA BASS. enjoy,


Saturday, September 17, 2011


How do you feel about mostly spoken songs. Personally I love them. Everyone is free (to wear sunscreen) by Baz Luhrman,  Popular by Nada Surf, Fitter Happier by Radiohead, and this gem that I found yesterday. Henry Rollins, the lead singer, is a underground legend for being the lead singer of the hardcore punk band Black Flag. Check it out:

One of the reasons i love these types of songs is cause they are always made to say something that you should listen up to. This message is pretty self-explanatory.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Photography

This site is also pretty cool for all you lovers of photography. Kinda heart warming as well.

Great New Website

This Website is awesome!!! The idea is that you login with your Facebook account and join different chat rooms... In the chat rooms you become a DJ and, along with 4 other DJs, you each take turns playing songs. Check it out at

Pot Ash.

First song I listened to this morning. Sick beats, a nice sax melody, and great rhymes. I really like this dudes vibe check it out.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nirvana fans out there?

If theres any Nirvana fans maybe you've heard this beautiful song right here

how about the original version by the Meatpuppets????



Kings of New York

Heres two of my favorite remixes. Two of the kings of New York, different eras different styles, perfect combination. NOTORIOUS B.I.G and Sinatra doing it big:

and heres the classic. I personally try to take these laws to heart er' day.

And ill throw you some good rap

Heres a song that just played on my iTunes. Mos Def... unbeatable. I hate this new age rap. lets go back to the 90's and 80's please! more on that later:

Good Morning

Don't be a lump. Wake up:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nighty Night People

Up to 65 views in a few hours hell yea! then again at least 45 of those are my own. Anyway keep coming back ima leave you all with this very nice track my friend jamie showed me. This dude is the ISLANDIC version of Bon Iver. Pretty good:

I wish...

I wish I was living in a city that never slept. I would love to party all day and all night right now but... instead I'm stuck in my room. Sad:

Now lets chill a little....

This song confuses me. Takes me back to the 8th grade when I actually liked Oasis but then its adds dub to it and really improves this song in my humble opinion:

And now my favorite Dub step song. Check this one out its immaculate:

and just one last one if you liked White Satin by Zed's Dead:

Heres a brand new one

Heres a brand new one from EXCISION & DATSIK. all i can really say is, its HEAVY and goes hard with the WOMP:



Lets take it back to my roots.

Today is the debut of this blog so I'm just stuck on it posting new links and what not. I kinda like this though I only have like 10 views so far. But everyone whose seen this probably thinks I'm a dub step fanatic and though I do love it, my true roots lay in some guitar riffs and beautiful vocals. This ones out to Jack:


If you're on this page you probably enjoy good music. Check out this website: revolutionary.

The Skrillex Life

I remember the first time I ever truly listened to dub step. It sounded like straight poop music to my virgin ears(see vid clip)

One day my cousin asked me if I wanted to go to something called "Starscape" with him. I'm a concert fiend so I agreed and forked over $65. That night was a fucking revelation for me and ever since I've been addicted to beautiful WOMPING noises. That fat bass makes me WOMP in the middle of work, it makes me WOMP on the metro, it makes me WOMP while I'm WOMPING... if you know what I mean.... 
Back to the point: I went to "Starscape" and experienced some weird androgynous dude name Skrillex: hero. Heres a great video of the dub step celebrities life:

Everyone here has probably heard this but i thought i should make sure you've truly thought about living a WOMPPY lifestyle.



Hey whats up future readers, if I ever get any. Welcome to Abbey Road Music Blog. Im going to be sharing great music, interesting things that I find around, maybe some advice? Really anything that come to mind I will try to post on this here blog. Specifically its going to be a music blog though. I personally am interested in classic rock, hardcore punk, 90's rock, 80's and 90's rap, WHOMPING MUSIC, house,  I just love good music. I'll start us off with a good one I heard today.

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